Screenshots API


Use the FREE Screenshots API to display website screenshots on your website, mobile app, custom research tools, and more. Access our complete database of historical screenshots of millions of websites at no charge. Choose either thumbnail-size or full-size images, and submit queue requests when need an updated screenshots.

Pricing and Access

There is no charge to access our FREE Screenshots API and no account or credentials are required to access either the images or the historical data. Be sure to review our Terms of Service (below) before you start using the API. If your project has more demanding requirements, or you find the terms of service to be too restrictive, contact Support and we'll discuss other options.

API Documentation

Query Builder

Customize these docs with your own domain name.
Current Website Screenshot
  1. Replace "" with the domain name you want a screenshot for.
  2. Replace "example-com-small.jpg" with the domain name you want a screenshot for, but with the dots replaced with hyphens.
  3. Choose a small (thumbnail size) or large (typically 800px x 1000px) by changing the last part of the image path (-small.jpg or -large.jpg).
Historical Screenshots
  1. Replace "" with the domain name you want history for.
  2. Results are returned in JSON format with the date the screenshot was taken and URLs for the small and (when available) large image for each date. You will need to parse this data to find the URLs you want to display on your website or app.
  3. URLs for most current screenshot available are included in the large_current and small_current data notes.
Queue Requests
  1. Replace "" with the domain name you want to queue.
  2. Do not submit more than one queue request per screenshot per day. You should also limit the total number of requests and the frequency you submit them to avoid being blocked by our abuse monitoring system.
  3. If you receive an out-of-date screenshot from an API request, or your request returns a "not found" error, try again after a few minutes BEFORE you submit a queue request. There is a good chance we will have already detected the out-of-date or missing screenshot and fetched an update.
  4. There are a number of reasons why we might not update a screenshot of a website as often as you think we should. The most common reason is that the website did not change significantly since we last checked. A less-common reason may be a slow-loading site or one that contains viruses or other malware.
  5. Queue requests submitted through our FREE API have the lowest priority in our back-end systems. It may take several days before a website screenshot is updated in our system. If you want an update sooner, visit the domain's page on and request an update there.

Terms of Service

  1. When used on a publically-accessible web site, the base URL for the images must be "". This means you cannot serve the images from your own server.
  2. You are not permited to crop, obscure, or otherwise remove the "Powered by" attribution. If the attribution remains intact and readable, you are permitted to resize the image.
  3. You may not store, archive, retransmit, and/or backup the images or historical data you access from our FREE API. You may cache the API responses for up to 24 hours.
  4. DomainTools, LLC reserves the right to limit the number and frequency of requests made to the FREE API. This includes blocking access entirely, without warning, explanation, or remedy. DomainTools, LLC makes no promise of availability, response time, performance of the FREE API. If you need a higher level of service, please contact Support to discuss our professional API services.
  5. DomainTools, LLC may send you a notice, by email and/or other means, requesting that you stop using the screenshots FREE API and/or that you remove the images from your website or app. You agree to comply with the notice within 30 days after receiving it. DomainTools, LLC intends to give a reason for such a request, but you understand that no such obligation exists.
  6. DomainTools LLC may change these terms of service at any time and without advanced notification.